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New SLAPP SUIT Weekly Video Podcast

Click here to watch it on YouTube Check out our all new SLAPP SUIT Weekly Video PODCAST. We will take a look at a recent telephone call between Kenny Magill, a major league proponent of unsolicited commercial and/or bulk email and Mark W. Mumma, the WebGuy. So long as there is an Opt Out link and some sign that the company is 'reputable' then Kenny promises we can trust certain opt-out links. Let's put his theories to the test. Shall we?

Got iTunes?  Click here to subscribe... Join me as I smash his ridiculous theories to smithereens. His practices are impractical. His theories on opt out abuse are circa 1993. While he agrees with me that nobody should be able to opt someone else in to a list, he continues to defend an email marketer's right to do so.

Every Friday we'll look at more of Kenny's call. We will even mix in some of his recent email. It'll be a hoot. Just click the subscribe link to subscribe.

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Losing the War on spam
Image Are we losing the war on spam? or has it already been lost? -or- Are we winning? Interestingly, one of these phrases has many, many more hits on Google than the other. Can you guess which one?
Email Server Name Forgery now Legal

In a stunning decision by the United States 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, the court found that email server name forgery and a bogus return address alone do not necessarily make a spam email illegal.

The full text of the decision can be read here.