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Image SLAPP SUIT began as a documentary about a small ISP's decade long (1997-2006) investigation into unsolicited commercial email, known as spam. In the beginning it was called "Just Hit Delete".

Its aim was to educate Internet users about junk email and how to avoid getting it. In an attempt to recover releif from the courts due to the onslaught of unsolicited commercial email, some email users have even been sued.

SLAPP SUIT got its name from several lawsuits including the first SLAPP SUIT against a spam victim filed by T3 Direct against Joseph McNicol whom it alleges caused the company to be blacklisted on the spews.org (per ZDNet Australia).

The SLAPP SUIT against U.K. based SPAMHAUS is starting to go south. SLAPP SUIT takes a brief look at the progression of this case.

SLAPP SUIT also looks at the case of Atriks Inc -vs- Jay Stuler.

Also discussed is the SLAPP action against Alan Brown, a UK resident sued for defamation in New Zealand. Alan ran the ORBS list which kept a list of spammers domains that other ISPs could use to configure their mail servers to reject those included in the ORBS list.

Spammers will stop at NOTHING to be able to continue to send their digital junk mail. NOTHING. SLAPP SUIT reveals the dastardly deeds of many, many email marketers. Some of which you will recognize. Some you won't.

We will also take a special look at the mother of all spam lawsuit decisions, the 4th Circuit Appeals Court's legalization of server name forgery.