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Character Bios:

Mark Hansen has run his own sign and graphics shop for more than 20 years in NW Oklahoma City. The battles with spam on a daily basis and has lost important emails to spam.

Rufus used to operate a spaming operation. Now a reformed spammer, Rufus tells us secrets of the trade and reveals some of the dirty tricks he used to pull on email users.

Kris Young is a wife, a mother a business owner and sick to death of spam. Her daughter Madelyn is even affected by spam to the point she can't use her Yahoo email address anymore.

“Lindsay”, a quirky, spunky 10-year-old girl constantly gets emails offering to enlarge her breasts. Something she thinks would only get her teased if she were to do it. She says her parents set up a Yahoo email account for her use, but now they’re having second thoughts about her having an email address at all.

Loi Nai Deng is an exchange student from Sudan. He spends hours and hours a day online doing research for school.

Dr. John Yeats is a respected pastor, father and husband. Dr. Yeats is concerned that someone looking through his inbox these days may result in questioning his character.

Mark Mumma is an email service provider. His daily battle with spam has resulted in a nightmare ruling by the United States 4th Circuit Appeals Court.

Jane Pulley a single mom worries about what her son sees online and refuses to let him have his own email address until she can find a suitable filter.