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SLAPP SUIT takes viewers on a journey deep inside the American spam epidemic, where things seem fine as long as there's a postal address and an opt out link.

With everything being hocked through email from Viagra to College Degrees as well as Super Cheap software and Fantastic Opportunities to be more manly it is truly a wonder why people continue to try to use the email system when it is clearly broken beyond repair.

Regular, everyday ordinary people tell us their tales of woe with some interesting data on spam, how it started, where it got its name as well as an interview with a former spammer.

SLAPP SUIT shows how the spam industry really works, explains the true definition of "opt-in" and tells us why the problem is only getting worse even though legislation has passed in most states including Ferderally with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Sometimes Funny, somewhat shocking and fairly educational, SLAPP SUIT paints the picture of a legal nightmare which has affected a half dozen people or companies so far.

Complain about spam and you could be next!